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Our purpose, to enable businesses to manage most crucial resource effectively. We provide specialized HCM tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing human capital exposures facing our customers. We build value for our investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.

Core HR

SmartHCM – Core HR

SmartHCM Core HR is approximately 30% of SmartHCM application. It provides core functionality and all the basic setups which are required to run HR application smoothly. This includes core setup, job, employee, company, temporary job, notification, increment, promotion/ demotions, succession planning, manpower budgeting and separation management.

Core Setups

SmartHCM Core setups includes all the setup related to employee’s personal detail, job and designation or related to company or location information.

Key Functionality

• Title
• Country, provinces and cities
• Marital status
• Religion
• Category, position, type, grade, status, sponsor and guardian setups
• Personal detail related to education, skills, courses, languages, membership etc.


SmartHCM Job is actually the vertical column in SmartHCM for organizing employee’s details. It is also control fake and fraud employee’s addition in application. The control of jobs creation and management is normally reserves with CEO department or HR Director. There is need to create separate job for every employee which can be empty upon termination of such employee and could be assign to new comer on his place. Also so many rules and regulation, location and department information is linked with job which is transferred to new employees upon assigning him this job. So when adding new employee there would not be need to defining its location, department, reporting line etc. instead assigning him vacant job for which he was hired will assign him automatically all these information.

Key Functionality

• Job information screen
• Job(s) transfer screen
• Job basic salary editing option
• Ability to store all the history


This module provides full information about employees and its relevant detail. This include employee personal, bank, perks, confirmation and contract renewal details.

Key Functionality

• Employee full information including basic information, e file, education, experience, skills,         course, languages, address, referee, signature, assets, membership, criminal record,                   checklist, additional information, and flexi field.

• Employee data export with ability to choose field of your own will for exporting in excel

• Bank and branches, Grade wise  perk setup and Perk setup category


This module provide facility to manage HR news and company documents. All the company related documents can be uploaded here with defining their expiry date and reminder setup. Although HR news are managed by SmartESS but all the information and management is also available here.

Key Functionality

Ability to upload all company documents

• Ability to send alerts on defined time period before expiry of any documents

• Highlight in different color to differentiate between expired, nearaly expiring and active documents.

• Filter option to sort our documents with different status.

• Option to mark old document as archived

• Option to show documents in ESS or not.


Temporary Job

This module provide facility to assign some vacant job to other employee on temporarily basis. This means one employee working on some job will now be taking care of another vacant job responsibilities as well.

Key Functionality

• Ability to assign job and location(S) on temporary basis with expiry date define
• Transfer of all responsibilities upon assign job e.g.: leave, late other approval etc.
• Full history record of previous and current assignment.
• Auto job assignment upon selecting employee as alternative employee while applying leave     from ESS.


Notification is one of the best feature available in SmartHCM. It provides you full management of notification throughout the application. It include multiple type of auto generated notification plus customer date notification. It gives end user automatic alerts/ notification on dashboard of SmartHCm and ESs and also it has full notification calendar where end user can see the timeline and future overview of coming notification.

Key Functionality

• Ability to define recipient of your choice
• Employee leave & separation related notification
• Office support and time office management related notification
• Systems date notification e.g. Company doc expiry, NIC expiry etc.

Increment & promotion/ demotion

More talented workers are usually more productive higher up in organizational hierarchies. Promotions assign workers to jobs better suiting their abilities and quickly move up talented workers.

SmartHCM enables processing of employee salary increments. You can compute both annual and promotional increment. Though SmartHCM has 360 degree interactive appraisal system, SmartHCM will also give you automatic increment advice based on bell curve method after the annual/ bi annual appraisal is done. You can implement the same advice in system or do of your own choice.

Key Functionality

• Employee increment and automatic bell curve increment advice based on appraisal
• Employee promotion with job change ability
• Employee increment and promotion list.

Succession planning & manpower budgeting

Succession planning models represent an integral part of successful succession planning. Broadly defined, corporate succession planning is a process that allows firms to identify and develop internal candidates with a clear objective to fill senior-level positions as and when they become available. In other words, if well executed, corporate succession planning becomes part of a risk management strategy, which aims to minimize a company’s exposure to skills shortage – especially in times of crisis, such as the sudden departure of a top executive. Minimizing the potential risk of personnel loss through carefully planned and executed succession planning models is crucial to an organization’s continued success.

Manpower Planning & Budgeting serves as the foundation for managing an organization’s Human Resources. It enables organizations to plan strategically to meet current and future manpower needs, and prevents unnecessary surprises in maintaining steady-state manpower. Manpower planning further assists organizations by ensuring positions is filled by the right employees with the needed competencies, and appropriate planning is conducted to align the manpower to meet future organizational goals. The more effective the development and execution of the manpower plan, the more the organization is able to leverage its Human Resources for the accomplishment of its strategic goals.

In nutshell more successful planning and budgeting will give more ease of mind for HR officials.

Key Functionality

• Key position list
• Emplyee succession planning
• Position succession planning
• Position successor planning
• Recruitment and head count budget
• Recruitment expense budget
• Training expense budget

Separation & end of service calculator

“Separation of employment” refers broadly to the process of managing the termination of employment, whether involuntary (such as discharge, layoff, plant closure, disability or death) or voluntary (such as resignation, job abandonment or retirement). This required so many calculation and requirement to check receivable from employee such as loans give etc and payable such as gratuity, end of service benefits etc. SmartHCM separation management tackle all these things.

Key Functionality

• Employee separation with exit interview
• Automatic calculation for allowance and deduction
• Set up based management for allowance of EOS
• Runtime end of service calculator for any employees
• Stopped employee list

SmartHCM Settings & Security
SmartHCM Settings & Security