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Our purpose, to enable businesses to manage most crucial resource effectively. We provide specialized HCM tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing human capital exposures facing our customers. We build value for our investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.

360-Degree Appraisal: A Comprehensive approach to Identifying Talent and Driving Organizational Success

360-degree appraisal feedback is considered a fair method for identifying talent, analyzing performance, and establishing objectives within organizations. It encompasses three types of appraisals: personal appraisal, performance appraisal, and objective appraisal.

Personal appraisal is crucial for identifying potential future leaders within the organization. Performance appraisal, also known as performance review, evaluation, development discussion, or employee appraisal, forms the basis for defining purpose, outcomes, accountability, and teamwork. Objective appraisal involves setting goals and targets, following a triangular approach that includes planning objectives, performing activities, and reviewing results. These various appraisals help organizations determine Training Need Assessment (TNA) and rewards.

360-degree appraisal systems gather feedback from multiple perspectives, incorporating input from peers, subordinates, technical experts, self-evaluations, supervisors, and other stakeholders. This comprehensive approach offers individuals the opportunity to receive feedback and understand how their work and performance are perceived by others.

Training Need Assessment (TNA) plays a crucial role in identifying training requirements within an organization to enhance employee job performance. Additionally, SmartHCM, a cloud-based HRMS solution, allows each appraiser to suggest potential promotions and includes self-appraisal by the appraisee. Recommendations from various stakeholders are processed through an advanced Artificial Intelligence system (AI) to provide final recommendations for grade, position, and salary increases.

SmartHCM is currently aiding organizations in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by providing a comprehensive 360-degree interactive appraisal/feedback management system. It serves as an end-to-end HR solution, encompassing processes from employee recruitment through to retirement. SmartHCM offers flexibility and empowers employees through an Employee Self-Service portal, allowing them to apply for leave, check salary, loans, attendance, and submit internal requests, among other functionalities.

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